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Nisargopchar Ashram, Urulikanchan established by Mahatma Gandhiji has a legacy of 75 years in treatment of various ailments through the principles of Naturopathy; We treat sadhkas with individualized treatments and diet based on their condition. Our therapies are based on five great elements of nature which are known for its immense healing properties.

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The Nisargopachar Ashram, established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1946, has been rendering valuable and affordable Naturopathy and Yoga based treatments for various functional disorders, benefitting over 10,000 people every year. To extend our services to lower socio-economic strata of the society, the Ashram has also been providing subsidized and free treatment to hundreds of needy patients every year.

With the unprecedented threat of COVID-19, the country wide national lockdown since middle of March resulted in serious financial distress. The pandemic has affected each individual and many organizations, and Nisargopchar Ashram being a non-profit making NGO has been no exception.

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Nisargopchar Ashram welcomes the health seekers for effective management of various lifestyle and chronic disorders.
Now make hassle free online bookings, just make sure that you have a 2nd dose completion certificate.

“If the sadhaka is found to have any symptoms like cold, cough or fever then he or she shall be quarantined and will be subjected RT-PCR.”
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