About Us

It was pre-independence period, when Gandhi ji accompanied Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to Pune for his treatment at Dr. Dinshaw Mehta’s Nature cure center near Pune railway station. Gandhiji founded “Society of Servants of Gods” along with Dinshaw Mehta. While in Pune Gandhiji was deeply impressed by simple ways of Natural Cure. He thought cities like Pune have all medical facilities but villages do not have access to medical facility. He wrote an article in Harijan, “I made a mistake, I should have gone to the village to popularize simple ways of Nature Cure, therefore I want to shift.”

Search began for a proper place around Pune. Late Shri. Balkoba Bhave, Dr. Mehta, Dr. Sushila Nair, Dr. Manibhai Desai came to Uruli Kanchan. To their disappointment they found that social atmosphere was not conducive for establishing a Nature Cure Center, but Gandhiji insisted that he wanted the village like Uruli, because unless he is able to improve condition of rural India, he will not be able to work at Delhi for independent India.

Gandhiji came to Uruli Kanchan on 22nd March 1946 at 16.00hrs. and stayed for up to 30th March 1946. He treated hundreds of patients with the help of Dr. Mehta, Balkobaji Bhave, Manibhai Desai , Dr. Sushila Nair and other disciples. On 30th March 1946, Mahatma Gandhi departed for Delhi for the final negotiations with British Government regarding Independent India. Gandhiji founded Nisargopchar Gramsudhar Trust on 1st April 1946, with the help of kind donations in the form of Land by local people like late shri Mahadev Tatyaba Kanchan. The team under the dynamic leadership of Manibhaiji preached sound health and hygienic practices and also studied various problems in rural areas and identified suitable solutions to uplift the rural poor.

Over last fifty years the Ashram has made remarkable progress. The institute has set up the unique example in the field of Naturopathy i.e. “The way of Life”. People from every corner of India and abroad come here and experience the miracles of the unique drugless holistic approach for management of chronic functional diseases. Patients suffering from Arthritis, Cardio Vascular diseases, Diabetes, Bronchitis, skin diseases, Asthma. Digestive and Gynaecological problems, Neuro muscular disorders & obesity are very well managed by simple ways of nature cure. Day in the Ashram begins with prayer & yoga and ends with prayer. Thus along with other physical treatments, psychological and spiritual aspect is taken care of to make the treatment complete.

Every day lectures on nature cure principles, dietetics,yoga and various chronic diseases are arranged to educate the patients and make them aware about the importance of laws of nature. Round the year Ashram has indoor capacity of 200 patients per day.

  • To promote preventive Aspects of Naturopathy in rural areas.
  • To treat the poor patients with minimum or even free of cost, to those who can not afford.
  • To educate the people about the right kind of living.
  • To demonstrate the beneficial effects of Naturopathy in various diseases.
  • Research and documentation of the effect of Naturopathy in chronic diseases.
  • The ashram has a huge library of books on various subjects such as philosophy, religious, psychology, naturopathy, dietetics, nutrition etc. There is also a reading room for general awareness of current affairs news and views. Besides magazines in English, Marathi and Sindhi are also available.
  • For the convenience of the patients and visitors, there is a bookshop within the Ashram premises where variety of books on nature Cure (Indian and foreign) and literature on Sarvodaya movement Organic Farming etc are available for sale.
  • There is a walking track inside the ashram premises with a well maintained garden that can be used for regular walks. which gives you the feeling of being amidst the nature even in today’s world of pollution.
  • Patient should strictly adhere to the diet and treatment regime prescribed by the doctor.
  • Admission will be cancelled of those who are not following the instructions.
  • Patient should strictly adhere to the diet and treatment regime prescribed by the doctor.
  • Admission will be cancelled of those who are not following the instructions.
  • Patients are responsible for their valuable articles and ornaments.
  • Money can be kept with the cashier for safety.
  • Pet animals are not allowed.
  • Do not pay tips to any employee in the Ashram. The staff members should not accept any TIPS from the patients. Patients should be advised to drop TIPS in the Drop Box.
  • Donations are accepted for:
    ◊ Improvement of facilities, repair and construction of new building.
    ◊ For poor patient fund.
    ◊ For staff welfare.
    ◊ Donations are exempted under income tax act under 80G.
  • Addictions – Tobacco, Alcohol, intoxicating substances in any form are not allowed.
  • OPD- Patient may come for consultation between 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon except Sunday with prior intimation.
  • Stay in the Ashram – Minimum 7 days stay is required to experience the benefits of Naturopathy. Chronic diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Skin disease require longer duration of treatment for 2 to 3 months. Generally 15 to 30 days stay is sufficient to learn the way of treatment.
  • Visitors wanting to meet the patients are allowed between 10.30 am and 12 noon and between 5 pm and 7 pm. The security personnel should be instructed accordingly.
  • The time for receiving STD calls for the patients is only during 5.30 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 9.30 pm.
  • While making reservations for new patients, 10% rooms can be kept for instant booking, to enable patient to take instant admission.
  • Patients are requested not to play loud music, particularly during rest hours.
  • Administration should not permit change of rooms directly / indirectly between the patients.
  • No outside food should be allowed.
  • Patient should inform the doctor / administration before leaving Uruli Kanchan, even during the day time, for safety and security reasons.

Nisargopchar Ashram is professionally managed by administrative staff and doctors without disturbing the Gandhian ideology. Some modifications are made as per the requirements of modern time.


Mr. R. L. Bhalke (Joint Finance Director )
Mr. Pravin Kumbhar (Joint Finance Coordinator)
Mr. Shankar Choudhari (Accountant)
Mrs. Vidya K. Choudhari (Account Assistant)
Mr. Ankush Yedge (Account Assistant)
Mr. Yakub H. Shaikh (Cashier)

Mr. Udaykumar Adkoli (Sr. Manager – Admin)
Mr. Mahesh Chavan (Manager – Admin)
Mr. Shankar Harihar (Store Keeper)

Reception & Correspondence
Mrs. Kavita Londhe
Mrs. Deepali Tilekar
Ms. Bhagyashri Chandgude

Kitchen Manager
Mrs. Surekha Jawalkar

Library and Book Sale
Ms. Bhagwati Mukhedkar
Mrs. Vaishali Sortur

Treatment Officer & Neurotherapy
Mr. Satish Sonawane

Yoga Sessions
Mr. J.J. Wadekar
Mr. Satish Sonawane
Ms. Bhagwati Mukhedkar

Doctor’s Assistant
Mr. Rahul Memane
Mrs. Nalini Khedekar