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Nisargopchar Ashram In Brief

Nisargopchar Ashram is the most ancient Nature Cure centre of India which was started by the “Father of Nation”-Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1946. It was established in a remote place called as “Uruli Kanchan 30 kms away from the Pune city with an Idea to serve and treat the poor people through simple ways of Nature Cure. Even now Gandhiji’s vision has been taken care of-by giving treatments to the needy on concessional rates. At Nisargopchar ashram, we offer various Nature cure therapies which are based on five elements of Nature mainly Hydrotherapy, Mud therapy, Diet Therapy, Neurotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture. Principles of Healthy Living and Lifestyle modification are given more emphasis to lead a healthy and comfortable life in today’s...